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Then, some of the rabbits were given yerba mate, while others were not. The researchers found that the rabbits given yerba mate did not have worsening narrowing of their arteries, compared to the rabbits that did not get yerba mate. When it comes to the taste and quality of Kiss Me Organics Yerba Mate, some users are disappointed at how finely powderized the leaves are.

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  • Imagine a tree as tall as a flowering dogwood, with large waxy leaves like a rhododendron’s.
  • Traditionally, yerba mate tea can be made in a variety of ways.
  • You’ll simply want to fill your French press with about three spoonful’s worth of your yerba mate, or more if you are looking for a stronger elixir.

Organically grown yerba mate is one of better options on market to prepare proper mate. Those who want to drink yerba mate traditionally will want to purchase a Yerba mate gourd and bombilla straw to drink from. The person can choose between a wooden gourd and a natural mate gourd for the Yerba mate cup, both of which have their distinct benefits. While yerba mate is traditionally prepared with a gourd and bombilla, many do not use the traditional serving methods in enjoying this brew. For those who are looking to make their yerba mate traditionally, it’s easier than you’d expect! All you need is a gourd, loose leaf tea, and hot water along with your bombilla for filtering your leaves from the gourd.

Guarana is highest natural source of caffeine (4 – 8%), followed by black tea (2.5% – 4.5%). Yerba mate has had some claims passed around that it does not contain caffeine, but a different chemical called mateine, which has the same effects but no caffeine side effects. In this study yerba mate’s effects on mice exposed to early weaning off breast milk, were investigated. Researches reported that a yerba mate extraction was able to normalize most of the alterations noted in the mice subjected to early weaning. They also suggested that the effects were due in part to hypothalamic mechanisms , and showed possible use for other endocrine-metabolic diseases as well. The anti-inflammatory effects of yerba mate also result from its ability to reduce adipose mass .

Copacabana Mate Tea

In Uruguay there is even a national law that prohibits drinking mate while driving, because it caused many good way to replace accidents of people getting scalded with hot water while driving. For the same reason, there is also a „forbidden to drink mate“ sign in all public transportation buses. Mate is drunk through a metal straw from a hollow gourd.

Yerba Mate Versus Commercial Energy Drinks

It contains almost all the micro nutrients needed by the human body, like vitamins, essential minerals and other nutrients. Actually, yerba mate was accepted as one of the one of the world’s “most surprising and pleasing discoveries” by the acclaimed magazine CNN Travel. In this top 50, Mate is placed above one of the most famous beers in the globe, the world’s best-selling energy drink, the beloved piña colada and whiskey. One reason that yerba mate should not be brewed with boiling water is that it can become too bitter. Athletes often boost their exercise by taking pre-workout supplements that contain stimulants. Some prefer just to drink a cup of coffee before starting to work out.

So far, we have tried probably more than 10 or 15 yerba mate types & brands. While many people prepare it differently, We’ll share with you our favorite way. We know many people who usually get an overly strong kick after drinking a cup of hot coffee. If we are under stress , drinking some types of yerba mate bring us into a very relaxed state of mind. One thing is sure – when you drink yerba mate, your digestion is much faster than usual.

The flavor and potency of this yerba mate are perfectly balanced. It’s neither too bitter nor too strong, but it offers enough energy to be considered a quality yerba mate brand. The tea bags are filled with organic yerba mate sourced from all the South American countries known for growing the plant, including Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Below are some of the health benefits of drinking yerba mate.

Yerba Mate Benefits

Unlike all the types of bombillas and types of yerba mates, gourds come in a lot more different shapes, sizes, materials, etc. And deciding which one to buy can be very stressful as they all have their own pros and cons. The calabash mate gourd is more than just a cup, but a way to reconnect with history, as well as with others. After reading all the above, you might think calabash mate gourds are a nuisance.

Why Should I Cure My Yerba Mate Gourd?

Also referred to as a Guampa, these gourds are more traditional in Paraguay and made from cattle (usually a bull’s) horn that has been hollowed out for the purpose of drinking yerba mate. Many of them are wrapped in metal at the top and bottom for preservation and stability. Some horn gourds are available with a hook on the outside for attaching to a bag. Out of all the types of yerba mate gourds, wood is one of the most fragile. They can crack easily and can also grow mold as well. Another common misconception people have when it comes to calabash gourds is that they improve the flavor of your mate.

Your Guide To Yerba Mate

I’d like to clarify that Yerba Mate is not tea, and we do not drink it with milk. If you have time, I recommend you also read the other articles on this site. Especially “Yerba Mate Caffeine Content” and “Yerba Mate Tea Health Benefits” might interest you. Soon I will also post some Yerba Mate Tea product recommendations/reviews. It will for sure help you to stay more energetic and focused at work.

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